Preeti’s husband Prem: Preity Zinta’s longest Karva Chauth, traveled 13 thousand km from Dubai to Los Angeles to see husband Jane


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Like Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta’s in-laws are abroad. Preity’s husband Jane Goodinf is in Los Angeles and this time Preity was in Dubai on Karva Chauth. But she traveled more than 13 thousand km to see her husband’s face and reached Los Angeles. Preity has shared a photo of her after Karva Chauth on social media.

Preity shared the wedding photo
In the photo, the couple is seen in their wedding dress, which they wore at the time of their wedding in 2016. In the post, Preeti writes- Wishing all those who are celebrating Karva Chauth. For me it was the longest. Started from Dubai. Passed through the clouds and reached Los Angeles. All this was very precious because at last I saw the husband God. I love you my love, Happy Karva Chauth.


Four years ago, Jane and Preity got married
Preity Zinta married 10-year-old American citizen Jane Goodinff on February 29 in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. This marriage took place in Rajput style. The wedding was done in a clandestine manner and their wedding photos also came to the media after about 6 months.

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