Parkinsons to Putin: Russian President to leave 68 years; 37 year old girlfriends and daughters pressurized them


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Vladimir Putin may resign from Russia’s presidency next year. According to media reports, 68-year-old Putin has Parkins disease. His girlfriend Alina Kabaaeva is pressuring him to resign. Putin’s daughters also want the same. Putin has been in power since 1999. During this time he was also the Prime Minister. Became president for the third and then fourth time through constitutional amendment.

Family pressure
The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ has revealed about Putin and his illness in his report. Speaking to the newspaper, Russia’s political analyst Valery Solovey said – Putin is under pressure from his 37-year-old girlfriend and his two daughters to resign. Valerie said- the family has a great influence on Putin. It is due to the family that he is considering announcing to quit in January.

Disease is the reason
Valerie continued – There is a possibility that Putin has got Parkinson’s disease. His symptoms have been seen in him for some time. The media has also analyzed his video footage. It was found that Putin’s fingers and feet were trembling. He was repeatedly seen changing foot positions.

Timing of law is important
The timing of the news of Putin leaving office is worth noting. Actually, the Russian Parliament is currently considering a new law. If it is made then Putin will remain in peace. According to the draft of this law, no former president can ever be sued. There have been many allegations against Putin. If law is made, they will never get caught in legal matters.

What is Parkinson’s?
According to a figure, currently there are about 62 lakh people suffering from this disease in the world. Every year around one lakh people die due to this disease. In this disease, there is shivering and stiffness in the patient’s body. This makes it difficult to walk and balance. Often he cannot even write. It also has a mental effect.

Who is putin
Born in 1952 in St. Petersburg. Graduated in law. Joined the intelligence agency KGB. There are black belts with all kinds of weaponry. When Boris Yeltsin resigned in 1999, he became acting president. He won the election in 2000 and became President. Won the election for the second time in 2004. According to the constitution, for the third time, he could not become president. Therefore, became Prime Minister. Constitution amended. Has been President since 2012.


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