Pakistan: A 15-year-old boy entered the house and killed the doctor of the Ahmadiyya community, other family members were also injured.


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Islamabad39 minutes ago

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31-year-old Tahik Mahmud was from the Ahmadiyya community. He was a surgeon in a hospital in Nankana Sahib. He was murdered in his house on Friday evening. (File)

A doctor of the Ahmadiyya community was murdered in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan, over a religious affair. The 15-year-old boy is accused of murder. He has been detained. The boy entered the young doctor’s house and fired several bullets at him with an automatic pistol. The doctor died on the spot. Some of his family are injured. He has been admitted to the hospital.

Ahmadiyya Samudaya is not considered a Muslim in the Constitution of Pakistan. Every government has limited their basic rights. People of these communities are often attacked like other minorities.

Doctor Tahir Mehmood was 31 years old
The event is on Friday evening. Doctor Tahir and his family were at home. Just then someone knocked on the door. When Doctor Tahir opened the door, there was a boy in front. He had a pistol in his hand. He opened fire on the doctor without talking. Tahir collapsed and died shortly after. Apart from Tahir’s father and uncle, a sister also received bullets, who arrived for rescue. He is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Murder after religious dispute
The area’s police officer Mohammad Shamsher said – We have detained the accused for questioning at the moment. He has admitted that he has killed Doctor Tariq due to religious controversy. We are trying to find out whether the accused murdered the doctor on the pretext of someone or committed the murder on his own. The Ahmadiya community said in a statement – Now our people are not safe in their homes. Will they not be given any religious rights? The government and the local administration are openly supporting the murderers.

40 lakh Ahmadiyya in Pakistan
According to the news agency, there are about 40 lakh Ahmadiyas in Pakistan. They are not constitutionally considered Muslim. They are not allowed to visit mosques. Recently, this community has shifted its headquarters from Islamabad to London. During the period of Nawaz Sharif government, he was removed from important posts, posing a threat to the security of the country. According to a report, out of a population of 40 lakh, only 1200 people are in government jobs.


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