On The Occasion Of Baikunth Chaturdashi 2020 Do These Upay To Please Lord Vishnu, Know Baikunth Chaturdashi Ke Upay


Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month is known as Baikunth Chaturdashi. Which is very important from religious point of view. This day is specially dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Therefore, special auspicious results can be obta ined by worshiping them on this day.


If on this Baikuntha Chaturdashi you also want to receive the special grace of Lord Vishnu, then you can adopt these special measures and you can please Hari Narayan.

Recite Vishnu Sahastranam

On this day, if you recite Vishnu Sahastranam, you will get many times fruit. Subar lit all the works and lit a lamp of ghee in front of Lord Vishnu and then read. There will be happiness in your life.

Saffron tilak

Saffron is most loved by Lord Vishnu, so during this day worship, special grace of Hari Narayan can be obtained by applying saffron tilak on the forehead. At the same time, it is not possible to have saffron in every house, in which case you can use turmeric. Turmeric is easily available in every household.

Try these tricks for early marriage

If there is any kind of hindrance in your marriage or if the marriage is not getting done, then keep the idol of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi on the day of Baikuntha Chaturdashi. Do puja, and then secretly hide turmeric powder behind that picture or idol. This will get you married soon.

Chanting with turmeric garland

On this day, chanting his mantra in front of Lord Vishnu is auspicious. But if you do these mantras with a garland of turmeric, it is considered even better. It is said that intelligence increases.

Use yellow

Yellow color is most loved by Lord Vishnu, so use only yellow things on this day. For example, get Narayan seated on yellow clothes during worship. Wear yellow color yourself, chant with turmeric garland, after offering water to Suryadev after worship, add a pinch of turmeric to the lotus. Offer yellow sweets to God. Special grace can be achieved by this.


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