Morning News Brief: First IPL finalist to be found today; 3 Rafale arrives nonstop India from France, Trump claims false


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  • Decision On Lone Moratorium And IPL’s First Finalist Today; Trump’s False Claim Before Victory In America

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The good news is that active cases in the country have been declining continuously for a month. Now only 4.34% are active cases. In this case, India has moved from second to third. However, let’s start the morning news brief…

First let’s see what the market is saying

  • The market cap of BSE was Rs 159 lakh crore. Shares of about 46% of the companies declined.
  • Shares of 2,795 companies were traded. Shares of 1,283 companies rose and shares of 1,310 companies fell.

Today these events will be monitored

  • First qualifier of IPL in Dubai from 7.30 pm Mumbai-Delhi teams will be face to face.
  • Prime Minister Modi will speak at the Virtual Global Investors Summit.
  • Hearing in the Supreme Court in the Lone Moratorium case.

Home and abroad

  • In ahmedabad Accident

The roof of a nearby textile warehouse collapsed as a fire broke out and exploded at a chemical factory in Ahmedabad on Wednesday. The fire spread throughout the warehouse. At that time, there were 24 employees working there. Of these, 12 died. The accident occurred due to boiler explosion. 5 bangs one after the other.

  • Now only 4.34% active in the country The case

There has been a continuous decline in active cases in the country for a month. In this case, India has now come from second to third. Only 4.34% of the total active cases of the world are being treated here. America is at number one with 26% and France at number 11 with 11%. Italy and Belgium have also joined the top-5 countries.

  • Arnab Goswami Arrested

Mumbai Police arrested Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV on Wednesday morning. Arnab is accused of abetting a woman and her son to commit suicide in 2018. Meanwhile, Arnab alleges that the police beat him up. Meanwhile, Arnab has also been booked for assaulting women police.

  • Trump’s false victory before announcement Claim

Donald Trump falsely claimed victory in the US presidential election. False because, according to Indian time, even before Wednesday night when the results were not clear, Trump had already said that since we have won, all the voting is still going on wherever the voting is going on. Should be stopped. For this, we will go to the Supreme Court.

  • Trapped american election

This time the election results are being delayed. This is happening only due to coronavirus. 68% of the voters cast early-voting ie before Election-Day. It also has the permission to give postal ballots to voters. The postal ballot count is slow because the signatures and addresses of the voter and the witness have to be matched. If a legal battle ensues, it may also take weeks to arrive.

DB Original

  • Positive news

Durgaram Chaudhary of Rajasthan sat in the train at the age of 12 without informing anyone at home. It was just in my mind that something had to be done. 150 were taken out of the house, today own two companies. The turnover of the companies is more than Rs 40 crore.

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  • From Bihar Report

Four districts of Seemanchal, Purnia, Katihar, Araria and Kishanganj have 24 assembly constituencies and about 60 lakh voters. Owaisi is BJP’s ‘B’ for Muslim voters. They say that voting them is like throwing votes in the abyss.

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  • Bhaskar data story

Learning has become difficult because of Corona. Children stayed at home during the lockdown and 11% of the country’s parents took new mobiles so that their children could read. One in four children have neither copy-books nor any helpers at home. These things have been revealed in the report of ASER or ASAR.

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What’s more in the headlines…

  1. A shocking case came to light in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. A 5-month-old baby was found in a bag in Trilokpur village. Winter clothes, shoes, jackets, soap, wicks, medicines and 5 thousand rupees were also kept in the bag. There was also a letter in this bag. It was written – Raise my son for 5-6 months, I will give money every month.
  2. The government has prepared two proposals regarding military officers. The first is that the pension of officers who take premature retirement will be reduced. Second is that the retirement age will also be extended. This has been claimed in media reports.
  3. 3 more Rafaels arrived in India from France. These aircraft completed the 7364 km journey non-stop in 8 hours and during this time they also had 3 mid-air re-fueling. Now India has 8 Rafale.


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