LG May Have a 17-Inch Rollable Laptop in the Works, Patent Suggests | LG patented laptop with 17-inch rollable screen, keyboard and touchpad will also be rollable in it


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  • Its rollable screen will be from 13.3-inch to 17-inch
  • This laptop will be accompanied by a rollable keyboard and touchpad.

The South Korean company is working on a laptop with LG rollable display. It is believed that its screen size will be 17-inches. The company has not made any official announcement yet. Foldable keyboard and touchpad can also be found in the laptop. LG has also launched devices with rollable screens before.

According to a Root My Galaxy report, LG has patented laptops with rollable screens. Its rollable screen will be from 13.3-inch to 17-inch. After roll it will look like a soundbar or stick. There will be a power button on one side of it. A normal laptop has a power button on its keyboard.


No screen support

  • The screen of this laptop does not take any support even after it is rollable. That is, it stands without stand or keyboard support. The webcam is not visible in it right now.
  • The company is also offering rollable keyboard and touchpad with this laptop. These two will live in half. According to the patent, users will be able to use it easily.

Oppo is bringing a rollable screen smartphone
Oppo introduced a smartphone with a rollable screen at its Oppo Eno Day 2020 event. The company has named the smartphone with a rollable OLED screen, the Oppo X2021. About the Oppo X2021, the company said that its OLED display can be rolled from both sides, outside and inside. This will convert a smartphone with a smaller screen to a larger tablet. Generally, its screen size will be 6.7-inches. Oppo has used a motor powertrain, with the help of which the screen size increases to 7.4-inch. The phone has a USB Type-C port and speaker grill at the bottom.

LG launched rollable screen TV this year
LG has also launched Roleble TV in October this year. Its price is 64 lakh rupees. LG has just launched this TV in its domestic market. LG has named this TV as LG Signature OLED R. This TV was introduced during the Custom Electronics Show in the US last year.


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