Know How The Third And Fourth Days Of Mahaparva Chhath, What Was Special


Chhath mahaparva is being celebrated all over the country. On the third day of Chhath Puja, where Arghya was offered to the sett ing sun, Arghya was given to the rising sun today. With this, the 36-hour Mahaparva will end today. Let me tell you that people who keep a nirjala fast, break their fast by taking prasad on this day.


How was the third day of Mahaparva?

Arghya was offered to the setting sun yesterday (20 November). Meanwhile, a large number of people were present at the ghats. Keeping in mind the corona epidemic, this year many people had prepared to celebrate Chhath East in their homes. This year, he offered arghya to Lord Bhaskar from his home. People were excited to offer the sun to the setting sun. At the same time, the ghats were also decorated in a grand manner. Earthen lamps and banana trees were also planted on the ghats. Along with this, complete arrangement of lights was also made. The third day of this 36-hour mahaparva was dedicated to Lord Bhaskar.

How was the last day of Mahaparva?

The last and fourth days of Mahaparava were also dedicated to Lord Bhaskar. People were present at the ghats since 3 am. At the same time, fasting women were also present at the ghats since last night. An echo of folk songs was also heard on the ghats. The movement of people was visible everywhere. Everyone seemed excited, from the children to the elderly. With this, this mahaparva lasting 36 hours will end today. Let me tell you that people consider this former as the center of faith.

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