Know all about registration process of WhatsApp Payment Service in India | Registration has to be done for WhatsApp payment, know here step by step process


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  • Know All About Registration Process Of WhatsApp Payment Service In India

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To complete the registration process, you have to give permission to read phone calls and messages.

  • Through WhatsApp, you will be able to pay on any app enabled UPI
  • Old UPI passcode will also be used in WhatsApp payment.

Facebook’s subsidiary WhatsApp has got approval to enter the payment segment in India after being caught in legal hurdles for two years. WhatsApp has around 400 million users in India. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has allowed WhatsApp to start a payment service with 2 crore users. To use WhatsApp’s payment service, users must first register. We are going to tell how can you register for WhatsApp payment?

How can I register?

  • You must have a bank account and a mobile number linked to the bank account.
  • After this, you have to click on the attachment icon that sends photo-video to your WhatsApp. Here you will get payment option.
  • On clicking on it, you will get the option of registration. Here you have to provide bank account and other information.
  • To complete the registration process, you have to give permission to read phone calls and messages.
  • After this, UPI passcode will have to be made for payment.
  • If you already have a UPI passcode then you can use it on WhatsApp.

How will WhatsApp payment work?

  • WhatsApp payment will work on the Unified Payments Interface i.e. UPI.
  • Google-Pay, Phone-Pay, Bhima and apps from various banks also work on the same system.
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  • You will not need to keep money in the wallet to use WhatsApp payment.
  • WhatsApp users will be able to transfer money directly from their bank account.
  • After registration, you will have to enter the UPI ID to transfer the money in the payment section.

Which app will be able to pay?

  • Through WhatsApp payment, you will be able to transfer money to any payment app of UPI enabled.
  • If a user is not registered on WhatsApp payment, then WhatsApp will give you the option of ‘Enter UPI ID’. Through this, you will be able to transfer money to BHIM, Google-Pay, Phone-Pay and UPI Best other payment app.
  • Apart from this, the user receiving payment can also take payment by registering on WhatsApp.
  • Payments can be done on WhatsApp’s Indian number only.
  • If a user operates WhatsApp on the international number, he will not get payment service.

Is there any charge for payment?

  • No. UPI is a free service and there is no charge for transactions.
  • There is no charge for transferring money through WhatsApp payment.
  • There is a limit of Rs 1 lakh on the maximum transaction through UPI.
  • This maximum transaction limit will also apply to WhatsApp payments.
  • Some UPI apps allow payment by entering bank account and IFSC code. This feature will not be available on WhatsApp right now.


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