Kareena did not give Rane’s maika: Rane competes in Mexico, asks for 2 minutes of video, roses wins Rye actress


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  • Finding the best trainer among epidemics, the video being the most timely in 2020
  • Laughing on death is also an important part of Mexico’s culture

Every year November 1 is celebrated in the North American country of Mexico on the Day of the Dead. On this day people go to the grave of their ancestors. Decorate their favorite items. It is written. They also celebrate collectively. However, all the tombs are closed this year due to Kareena. Public festivities were banned. Could not find people. Could not lighten your mind. We could not find a maika to celebrate Mait Maat. But the city of San Juan del Ría continued to compete every year.

Every year it had to give live performance. This time a virtual event took place. A 2–2 minute video entry was called by e-mail. Surprisingly Daiguni entered the entries from last year. The tradition of choosing the best trainer is in fact an honor of the ancient tradition, in which hired women were called on someone to help.

The first award of this crying competition was won by Princess Catalina Chavez of California. Actress Chavez has never lived by profession, but this year she had to raise a lot. She says, “Corona forced me to run.” He made the video by sitting near an unmarked grave. Also took permission for this. 58-year-old Sylveria Balderas Rubia, who lives in second place, said that I had seen women before night. Just the same way Rae wins.


The most current video was by Brenda Anakaren. Jinhain made a video on Rane about the year 2020. This year’s tragedies, says 31-year-old Brenda, became the inspiration for my video. According to Eduarde Guillen, head of the Tourism Burea, not only crying but laughter is also part of the culture of Mexico. It is a way of coping with problems.

Humor dissolved in the annual competition of crying, judges laughed after watching videos of crying

Many events created large dramatic videos. Many sat near the tomb and roared, sending Raine’s videos. Some also chose ridiculous methods. A woman acted to keep a bouquet of flowers at home. The judges in the panel could not stop themselves from laughing after watching the video. Men will also be in contention from next time.


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