Kangana’s brother’s wedding: Destination wedding of Kangana’s brother Akshat to be held in Udaipur, the actress said – Runot family has its roots from there


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Kangana Ranot’s brother Akshat will be married on November 12. According to the actress, she is hosting a destination wedding for Akshat in Udaipur, Rajasthan and for this the Runot family will reach there on November 10. Kangana has shared this information in her latest tweet.

Kangana wrote in her tweet, “It is a beautiful time for my family and me. I am hosting a destination wedding for my brother in Udaipur from where the Runot family comes into reality. Now going to my parents’ house Are. Because of the corona it will be a small gathering, but the excitation is equal. “

Kangana has also shared a photo with the tweet, which states that the Runot family will reach Udaipur at 4 pm on November 10. After that there will be dinner at Sheesh Mahal and then boating will be done around the palace.

Akshat’s wedding function will run for two days


The function of Akshat’s wedding will run for two days, including mehndi and music rituals. Pre-wedding functions will begin on November 11. While the main wedding ceremony will take place on 12 November.

Akshat was first turmeric in October

Akshat got its first turmeric in October. Kangana shared a video of the ceremonies and said that this is a congratulatory tradition, which begins by sending the first wedding invitation to the maternal uncle’s house. After this invitations are sent to the rest of the people.

Kangana also shared childhood photo

Kangana shared a childhood photo in another tweet. In it, he wrote, “Akshat’s face is reminding me how I used to tease her. I used to be very angry and knowingly and unknowingly he also supported me in this diabolical. My little Bholu is now grown up Gone and those childhood years … it seems like yesterday. “


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