Irresponsible Attitude: Trump leaves the G20 Summit session, after some time playing golf at his resort


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WashingtonOne hour ago

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The photo is of Saturday. President Donald Trump (in red jacket) arrived at his resort to play golf. For this, Trump also dropped the G-20 Summit session.

Donald Trump, who lost the presidential election, again took an irresponsible attitude on Saturday. The epidemic was being discussed at a session at the G20 Summit. Trump stayed just 13 minutes and appeared at his golf club a short time later. Every country in the world is troubled and struggling by the epidemic. America has the highest number of cases and deaths. Despite this, Trump is not ready to take it seriously. On Saturday, he again considered playing golf more important than discussing with her.

Stayed for 13 minutes
According to a CNN report, Trump joined the White House situation room at a virtual summit. For a total of 13 minutes he looked active. After this, tweets related to his allegations related to rigging in his presidential election started appearing. This behavior of Trump was also surprising because around 24 leaders from all over the world were attending the summit. Everyone spoke of cooperation on the epidemic.

Arrive at your own resort
Photos of Trump playing golf also surfaced. However, he himself did not tweet about this. While he was constantly tweeting on other issues. At the time Trump left the summit, French leaders Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the rest of South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in were discussing the fight against the epidemic. Trump did not participate in it.

Can participate today
Sunday is the second and last day of the G20 Summit. It will have three sessions. According to the schedule released by the White House, Trump has to take part in it. However, with the kind of attitude he adopted on Saturday, it seems that he is hardly involved. White House press secretary Kelly McKechnie defended Trump. Said- The President spoke on all issues including economic growth.


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