India made over 35,000 requests for user data in H1 2020: Facebook | India ranks second in seeking users’ data from Facebook; India sent more than 35 thousand requests in the first half of 2020


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  • America ranks first on the request
  • Government requests for data at global level have risen by 23%

Facebook said that government requests for its users’ data rose 23 percent globally from January to June this year, and India ranks second behind the US in such requests.

According to Facebook report, a total of 35,560 requests were made for 57,294 users and accounts in India during this period. Reportedly, some data was introduced in 50 percent of cases. In the first six months of the year 2020, requests from governments globally for user data increased by 23 percent to 1,73,875.

Last year i.e. in the second half of 2019, the number of such requests was 1,40,875. The report said that the highest 61,528 requests came from the US in the first half of 2020. These requests were made for 1,06,114 users or accounts, and 88 percent of cases offered some data.


Germany, France and Britain are ranked after America and India in this list. Facebook said that it responds to government requests according to applicable law and its terms of service. The company said that it meticulously reviews every request it receives with legal aspects.

Facebook Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Chris Sonderby said that we do not provide direct or indirect access to people’s information to governments. We believe that intentionally weakening our services in this way will affect the essential security of our users.

Facebook said that during the period under review, cases of content being banned based on local law increased 40 percent to 22,120 from 15,826 previously. In India 824 materials were banned in this period.


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