How to avoid online fraud: Fraud being made by fake customer care and social media friend, know easy ways to avoid


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  • Avoid clicking on promotional links sent via message
  • Also beware of cashback and credit card offers

Coronavirus has led to increased remote working worldwide. Physical transactions have decreased by 50%. It has been replaced by online transactions. At the same time, cyber criminals who cheat online are also more active. In such a situation, you can avoid information about cybercrime.

Cyber ​​Expert Lalit Mishra says that the most important thing is – do not put details of your credit or debit cards in online lotteries, casinos, gaming, shopping or websites that offer free downloads. Apart from this, avoid clicking on direct links on promotional links sent through attractive messages.

These links are usually sent during fishing festivals. The consumer’s account number and password are hacked through these links. Email account password gets hacked immediately. Then it can be easily misused.

How to beware of fishing mails, messages and calls?

“Fishing” means fraud with greed. Nowadays, all kinds of offers are being offered through message, call and mail. All branded phones, laptops and electronic accessories including iPhones are being offered at nominal prices.

Being a fake banker, offering cashback and credit cards is also very popular in the world of fraud. By giving similar greed, his personal details are being taken from the customer and later his account is being emptied.

How to avoid fake friends?

A new way in the world of cybercrime is in trend. In this, a new request is sent to Facebook or Instagram by creating a fake profile in the name of your close friend. Then by sending a message, money is sought in the name of emergency.

Everything from photos to information in fake profiles is being put right, due to which people have little doubt. But by taking care of some things, you can find out whether the profile from which the money is being sought is fake or not.

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Fraud happening in the name of customer care

Nowadays customer support is available for every product and service. In such a situation, people start searching for the number of customer support immediately. Cyber ​​criminals have already put their number on the name of customer support on the Internet. People call him as the customer support number.

Later, as a fake customer care executive, criminals carry out fraud with their personal details from them. According to media reports, the most fake customer support numbers of digital payment applications such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, Paytm have been put on the Internet, thereby reaching the customers themselves to cyber criminals.


Keep alert notifications on

  • Nowadays money request facility is available on Violet apps such as Google Pay, Phone Pay and Paytm. That is, anyone can send you a request for payment. After which just one click will transfer money from your account to that account.
  • Alert notification facility is available on all Violet apps. Whenever someone tries to login in your wallet, you will get alert notification, if in doubt, you can also destroy permission.

Do not forget to delete cookies

Whenever you make payments through the browser, like Chrome and Mozilla, you are asked to enable system cookies. You cannot even pay without it. When you enable cookies, your details are saved on the browser’s server in the coding language.

If you do not delete cookies after the transaction, it becomes easier for international hackers to read your details. So whenever you pay through the browser, do not forget to delete cookies by going to the settings of the browser.

What are the strong ways to stay safe?

  • Cyber ​​expert Lalit Mishra says that the two biggest reasons for online fraud are card cloning and password theft. The biggest way to avoid this is to make payment facilities available in ATMs and Point of Sales machines without even debit / credit cards.
  • After this, instead of static pin number, dynamic PIN number should be generated like OTP for every transaction, which can be withdrawn by feeding in ATM and point of sale machines.
  • Like the Yono app launched by SBI, all banks should also launch the app. Every time a new PIN is created before the transaction by the YONO app, which can be fed and transacted at 16 thousand 500 ATMs across the country.
  • The second way is to use more BHIM UPI of the government or UPI of other big companies, consumers should reduce the use of debit and credit cards.

What to do when a victim of fraud

  • According to RBI’s 2017-18 guideline, the bank has full responsibility for the transaction after filing the fraud information, the responsibility lies with the consumer if the concerned bank is not informed as per the procedure. In this situation, the legal obligation of the refund is not applicable to the bank.
  • In case of fraud, inform your bank official immediately. Apart from this, file the information at the customer care center and keep the number of the recorded information safe for future, so that the bank can refund your money to you.


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