How Corona’s condition would have deteriorated in Delhi, know what the experts say


Every day new cases of corona infection are increasing in Delhi. In the capital Delhi, more than five lakh people have been infected with Corona. At the same time 8159 people have died due to infection. Recently, NITI Aayog and Health Ministry had warned Delhi that due to festivals and cold, cases may increase rapidly in the coming days. About 15 thousand cases are expected every day. This fear of the Health Ministry is coming true.

In Delhi, a total of 5,17,238 people have been infected with this virus and 8,159 people have died. At the same time, there are a total of 40,936 active cases which are being treated. Currently, the positivity rate is 9.05% and the mortality rate is 1.58%. Such a number of cases were not revealed even when Corona cases were increasing everywhere in the country. According to experts, there are four main reasons behind the increasing cases of corona in the capital Delhi – pollution, cold, festivals, masks not worn and physical distance is not followed. The doctors believed that the condition was recovering in Delhi but in the last one month everything went wrong.

Due to these four reasons given below, the cases started increasing in Delhi and the condition was that there was a shortage of beds in hospitals …

  • First of all, let’s talk about pollution. Every day the air quality index in Delhi was getting worse. Pollution and corona can both be fatal simultaneously.
  • During this time festivals started. According to the doctors, during festivals, people started moving around. During this time neither social distancing was taken care of, nor masked. During Navratri, Dussehra, Karva Chauth, Diwali and Chhath people were seen shopping in the markets.
  • Apart from pollution and festivals, the biggest reason for the rise of Corona is the lack of wearing masks and maintaining physical distance.
  • The fourth major reason is cold, when the rest of the flu also spreads rapidly.

These four reasons increased the corona case in Delhi. According to Dr. Vivek Nangia of Max Hospital and Dr. MC Mishra, former director of AIIMS, these four reasons are the main reasons for increasing the case in Delhi.

Experts’ opinion
Dr. Vivek Nangia of Max Hospital said, “In the last few days, the number of Corona patients has increased rapidly, crowds have gathered in hospitals, it has become difficult to get beds. There are several reasons for air pollution. , During Diwali people started wandering outside, people stopped wearing masks. The trend we are seeing is not quite right because this virus is called cold virus, it grows more during winter. . So if we don’t take care, it will start growing. “


Dr. MC Mishra, former director of AIIMS Delhi said, “People did not take Corona seriously on Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Durga Puja, Karva Chauth, Diwali. Also public transport started, metro started running, bus full Capacity started running, markets opened and people thought that everything was fine now, the corona was over. The people who were taking precautions also did not pay attention. The markets started to get crowded, the metro was crowded Even if you do not apply and apply masks from above, the physical distance is not taken care of. So this infection will spread and this infection is so dangerous that one person can infect many people. “

Apart from these, absolutely no precaution was being taken in public places. According to doctors, meanwhile, pollution further increased the infection. Who served ghee in the fire.

Dr. MC Mishra, former director of AIIMS Delhi, said, “In infection parties, when traveling in a bus, while traveling in the metro, at workplaces, markets are crowded and during this time there is a risk of infection. Pollution in Delhi has increased a lot, the air quality index has reached thousand. This is double kill, which we call is double kill of pollution and corona virus. If people are not cautious, then the loss is in the people. “

The Delhi government and the central government are taking several steps to stop the growing cases in Delhi. In which, especially ICU and ventilator beds are being increased in hospitals, steps like increasing testing capacity, door to door surveillance, contact tracing, invoicing of not wearing masks, limiting the number of people in weddings. According to doctors, cases will come under control only when people take precautions. Masks will be worn everywhere, physical distance, caution from cold and avoid overcrowding. It is to be removed only when needed and if there are any symptoms, get them checked immediately.

Dr. Vivek Nangia of Max Hospital said, “It is very important for this to come out of the house only when it is very important. Whenever you come out of the house, wear a mask, the mask will protect you from both corona and pollution. Partner hands Keep cleanliness and also keep distance from people. “

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