Health Tips Orange Peel Tea The Easiest And Tasty Way For Weight Loss And Heart Problems


Health Tips: Tea- This is the way to end your fatigue which is often pleasing to people. Infect, there are many people who are addicted to drinking tea, even if it is cold or hot, they cannot stop drinking tea. If you are also one of these and are very fond of drinking tea, then we have brought for you such a fun and new tea, which will give you both taste and health. Let us know which tea is it, what is the recipe for making that tea and what are its benefits.

1. orange peel tea
Do not be surprised, it is a bit strange to hear but it is full of healthy benefits. Orange peel tea helps you in dealing with many health problems. Orange peel tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids and some phytochemicals, which are very beneficial for your health. Apart from this, this tea is also effective for breathing problems, cough, cold and runny nose in the constricted chest during cold days.

2. How to make orange peel tea
There are two main ingredients of this tea: orange peel and cinnamon. Before telling recipe, know that cinnamon is a magical spice, which in addition to adding flavor and aroma, also enhances health. Because it is full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflamma tory properties. Let’s know how to make it-


-Place fresh or dried orange peel in a pan
Mix cinnamon powder or cinnamon stick in it and boil for 10 minutes on low gas.
– Cover the pan with a lid
-10 minutes later add tea to the cup and drink hot tea

If you want, you can add honey to it. Apart from this, you can also add orange peel in your green or black tea. This will enhance its properties and taste. In this way you can make this herbal tea in any way and get all its nutrition. Its fragrance only helps to make you feel soothing and relax.

3. In these diseases, orange peel tea is unmatched

– Promote weight loss
Orange peel increases your metabolic rate. Apart from this, it also increases the fat burning rate. Which helps in burning the extra fat of the body. Not only this, they contain anti-inflammatory agents, which promote digestion and also help you prevent gastrointestinal problems. This is the reason why many people make orange peel tea as part of their diet.

-Help in cold-flu
Oranges are counted among the healthiest fruits, but the more its pulp is good, the more its peel is also beneficial. According to research, tea made from orange peel helps to boost your immunity. Also, drinking it helps you in dealing with cold-flu. It works to give you relief from blocked nose and cold and cough.

– beneficial in heart diseases
The orange peel contains a flavonoid called floperidin, which is known to be good for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. This tea works as a medicine to reduce cholesterol very quickly.

– Reduce the risk of cancer
Few people know that orange peel has powerful cancer cell destroyer properties. Which are helpful in stopping the growth of cancer cells in human body. It is said that regular consumption of orange peel in any form can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

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