Google Photos may soon charge users for certain editing features | Paid service can start soon on Google Photos app, 130 rupees will have to be spent for the month


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In Photo App version 5.18, users will see the payment option

  • So far the company does not charge Google Photos Services
  • You have to spend money to use pop filter

Google’s Photos app can now be paid to users soon. On this app, the user gets the option to save his photos and videos on cloud storage. Also, many options are available for photo editing. Till now the company does not charge all these services. Some users have reported paywall extensions inside the app.

According to a report by XDA Developers, Google will introduce a paywall for photo editing app Specific Services. The report claimed that users who try to use color pop filters with photos will have to pay subscription fees. These subscription fees will be brought through Google One.

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Payment has to be done before editing
Google One subscription can be offered on monthly basis. A UK user said that the Google One subscription fee was charged before using the filters in the photo. Report shows that in Photo App version 5.18, users will see the payment option.

Charges like this can happen
For Indian users, the charge of Google One Service for 100GB storage can be Rs 130 per month and Rs 1300 for a year. At the same time, for 200GB storage, it can be Rs 210 a month and Rs 2100 a year. Whereas, 2TB storage can be Rs 650 per month and Rs 6500 per year.

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Regarding the subscription service on the Google Photos application, the company said that the lock behind the color pop filter paywall will not be found. Instead, the paid service will get better options for the same filter.


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