Get Rid Of Obesity And Constipation By Improving Metabolism With These Health Tips


Health Tips: Often people are extremely upset with the problem of constipation and obesity. To know how to deal with this disease, do not know what is the compliment, how many doctors get tired of going round and round, medicines pour money like water but only and only disappointment comes. This is because instead of reaching the root behind the problem of constipation and obesity, they are busy in treating it on the upper side. Actually, the main cause of constipation and obesity in old age is poor metabolism. A poor metabolism leads to many diseases in the body.

Due to poor metabolism, the amount of waste products in the body increases due to which there is also the risk of indigestion, heartburn, gas, constipation, obesity and heart related diseases. Not only this, poor metabolism also affects the functioning of liver and kidney. Therefore it is very important that you keep your metabolism correct. A good metabolism is very beneficial for the body and it works like a nectar in protecting your body from diseases.

Good metabolism not only helps in fast digestion of calories, but is also effective in weight loss. You can promote your metabolism in many ways. Such as drinking cold water, consuming more protein, lifting heavy things and doing very heavy workouts etc. Before we tell you ways to make metabolism fast and good, let us tell you the reason for its slow or bad.

Aging Metabolism
Although there are many reasons behind the weakening of metabolism, but what usually comes out is the increase in your age. Yes, metabolicism begins to deteriorate in old age, due to which it becomes more difficult to burn calories. In old age, the body begins to weaken and there is no elation as before. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to keep the weight balanced. Apart from this, there is an important role in your daily routine in destroying metabolism. Lack of fiber in food, lack of water, not sleeping prematurely, and eating at the wrong time can take your metabolism slowly to the highest level of deterioration. But you don’t have to worry because we are there to take care of you. Today we will tell you some very simple and effective measures, by adopting which you can keep your metabolism good and fast even in old age.


Follow PFC formula for breakfast
If you want to strengthen your digestion, then it is important for PFC formula ie balanced intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates. Protein, fat, carbohydrates are the three essential pillars of nutrition that should be in every meal. A balanced combination of these three in food helps to regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism. Apart from this, heavy protein-rich breakfast is also important to cure bad metabolism because protein contains amino acids which helps your body in burning calories. More fiber should be consumed because fiber foods have a zero-calorie intake which improves your stomach health, digestive system and increases metabolism.

Eat something every two hours
If you eat something every day or every two hours during the day, then it keeps both your appetite and blood levels under control, due to which the intensity of metabolism increases. Do not eat anything during the snacking time, which causes starvation in the body, which is not good for metabolism. However, people believe that eating several times a day worsens health, but actually eating several times is very good for your metabolism.

Do not reduce calorie intake
If you think that it is right to reduce calories to reduce obesity, then it can prove fatal for you. Reducing calorie intake in food means slowing down metabolism because your body actually fights back due to fewer calories and conserves more energy that slows down metabolism. So stop thinking more about your calorie intake and take calories according to the requirement of the body.

Take care of fat
It can be very harmful for the body not to get fat at all. So choose healthy fat and consume it. They increase the metabolic rate without any decrease in monounsaturated calories.



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