FII net investment in stock market may break 13-year record | FII net investment in stock market may break 13-year record


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  • This month, the maximum investment has been done on Thursday, which is Rs 5,368 crore.
  • The highest investment was in March 2017. A total investment of 1.53 lakh crores was made during this period

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) can break the record for the most investment in a single month in the last 13 years in the country’s stock market in this month. In just 5 business days of this month, FII has made a net investment of Rs 13,399 crore. A net investment is one that remains after investing in the stock and then selling the stock.

Invested every day

FII has made net investments every day in November. The maximum investment in this has been done on Thursday which has been Rs 5,368 crore. 4,869 crore has been invested on Friday, 146 crore on Wednesday, 2,274 crore on Tuesday and 740 crore on Monday. However, the record for the highest net investment in any single month since April 2007 has been in the name of FII in March 2019, in which net investment of Rs 32,371 crore was made.

Investment of 13,300 crores in 5 days

In the current month, the figure is above 13,300 crore in just 5 days. In such a situation, the figure of March 2019 can be left behind in the next 15 business days. There is a tremendous boom in the market in November. While the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex closed up 2,279 points, the market capitalization of listed companies has crossed Rs 163 lakh crore. Also, the hopes of Joe Biden’s victory in America have also increased.


Unlock activities are increasing rapidly

Economic activity in Corona is now increasing rapidly during the unlock. In such a situation, foreign investors are continuously making purchases in the Indian equity market. The data of the exchange shows that in the months in which FIIs made the most purchases, they bought shares worth Rs 13,914 crore in May 2020. 12,924 crore in November 2019, 29,201 crore in October 2018, 26,473 crore in March 2017, 24,201 crore in March 2016.

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25 thousand crore shares purchased in March 2014

Similarly, in March 2014, FIIs bought shares worth Rs 25,376 crore and in October 2013, shares worth Rs 17,355 crore. In January 2013, shares worth Rs 19,197 crore have been purchased. 20,807 crores in September 2012, 22,475 crores shares were purchased in September 2010.

Investment of 1.53 lakh crore in March 2017

Talking about the maximum investment, FIIs had invested a total of 1.53 lakh crores in March 2017, but it also sold shares worth 1.26 lakh crores. In May 2017, it bought 1.23 lakh crore shares and sold the same shares. Bought a total of 1.33 lakh crore shares in November 2017 and sold 1.45 lakh crore shares. Invested Rs 1.34 lakh crore in January 2018 and sold shares worth Rs 1.24 lakh crore.

Investment of 1.43 lakh crore in March 2019

In March 2019, it bought 1.43 lakh crore shares and sold 1.11 lakh crore shares, while in November 2019, it bought 1.49 lakh crore shares and sold shares worth 1.36 lakh crore shares. The maximum number of withdrawals in any one month was made in March this year when the lockdown occurred in the country. FIIs sold shares worth Rs 65,816 crore in this month. However, from January this year, FIIs started selling shares.

According to market experts, the FII investment trend may continue in the Indian market even further.


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