Fake News Expos: European country Denmark snatched away Muslim citizens right to vote? Learn the truth


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  • Fact Check: European Country Denmark Snatched From Muslim Citizens The Right To Vote? Know the truth

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What is happening Viral : In a post viral on social media, it is being claimed that the European country Denmark has taken away the right to vote from Muslim citizens.

And what is the truth?

  • We also did not get any recent news on the internet even by searching Google for different keywords, which confirms that Denmark has taken away the right to vote from Muslim citizens.
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  • During the investigation, we have some year old media on Denmark’s news websites The reports Received Which shows that a law related to citizenship was passed in Denmark’s parliament in October last year. However, this law is not for all Muslim citizens.
  • According to the new law, the government will have the right to take away the citizenship of those extremists. Those involved in the ongoing Islamic State conflict in Syria and Iraq. Citizenship of these extremists can be taken away without court trial.
  • On searching the keyword (Denmark foreign fighters citizenship) on Google, we The reuters Article of 14 October, 2019 was found on the website. In this article the new law related to Danish citizenship is explained in detail.
  • According to the Danish government, since 2012, 158 people have joined the ongoing Islamic State conflict in Denmark and Syria. 27 people are still fully involved in the conflict. These 27 people have Danish citizenship.
  • The Danish government first had to wait for a court trial to end the citizenship of these extremists. But after the law last year, the government has the right to take away citizenship directly.
  • No such legislation has been passed in the Danish Parliament. In which the right to vote has been withdrawn from all Muslim citizens. The rumor is being spread on social media by misinterpreting the 1 year old law brought for extremists.


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