Fake News Expos: Congress leader Amjat arrested with weapons, preparations for terror attack? Claim turned out to be false


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  • Congress Leader Amjat Ali Arrested With Weapons, Preparations For Terrorist Attack, Lie In Claim?

11 hours ago

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What is going viral: Photo of a man standing in police custody is going viral on social media. In the message that is going viral with the photo, it is being claimed that the arrested person is Amjat Ali, the leader of Assam Congress. Police have recovered arms and bullets from Amjat. This man was in preparation for a terrorist attack.


A second photo is also being shared with this claim. In which the bombs recovered from inside the apple box are visible.

And what is the truth?

By reverse searching the first photo on Google, we got a written in Bangla language The blog This same photo was found in the post. Since the blog is 2 years old, it is clear that this is not a recent case. To understand the entire incident related to the photo, we translated the blog into English with the help of Google Translator.

  • According to the information given in the blog, the person seen wearing handcuffs in the photo is named Mubarak Hussain. Mubarak is a madrasa teacher who was arrested for raping a minor girl. The victim committed suicide after the rape.
  • Whether the information related to the photo is given correctly in the blog. To confirm this, we started searching on different keywords related to the case and searching media reports on Google. The Daily Star’s website was also linked to this case news Published on May 6, 2018.
  • It is clear that the person arrested is not Congress leader Amjat Ali, the teacher of Bangladesh is Mubarak. The photo is being shared with an incorrect claim. In the next phase of the investigation, we begin verifying the second photo showing the bombs seized from the apple box.
  • A reverse search of the photo on Google gave us a 2-year-old tweet from the official Twitter handle of the Jammu and Kashmir Police. On October 29, 2018, police had recovered these bombs hidden in an apple box from three extremists in Srinagar.
  • It is clear that the two pictures going viral have no relation between themselves. The person standing looking arrested is a Bangladesh teacher. The seized bombs belong to Srinagar. Both cases are 2 years old. The claim of the Muslim leader of Assam Congress being made with the photo is completely false.


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