Exit Polls of Channels: 3 out of 7 Polls of Bihar expected for Tejashwi Government, 4 in NDA and Grand Alliance


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The exit poll figures have come to light after the third phase of voting in Bihar has ended. So far the figures of 7 channels have been revealed. Of these, 3 are indicative of the formation of a stunning government, while the remaining 4 are expected to form a hung assembly. However, the difference of seats between the NDA and the Grand Alliance will be very small.

1. The talk of Republic-Jan: Grand alliance expected to rise

The NDA may get 91 to 117 seats, the Grand Alliance 118 to 138, the LJP 5 to 8 and others 3 to 6 seats.

2. Today’s Chanakya: Grand Alliance’s unilateral victory forecast

The NDA may get 55 seats, the Grand Alliance 180 and others 8.

3. ETG Bihar: Leading the Grand Alliance

The NDA may get 114 seats, the Grand Alliance 120 and others 9 seats.

4. C Voter-ABP: Chances of hung assembly

The NDA may get 104 to 128 seats, the Grand Alliance 108 to 131 and others 5 to 11 seats. LJP is projected to get 1 to 3 seats.


5. News X-DV Research: Grand Alliance and NDA clash

The NDA is projected to get 110 to 117 seats, Mahagathbandhan 108 to 123, LJP 4 to 10 and others 8 to 23 seats.

6. Voter-Times Now: Chances of hung assembly

NDA can get 116 seats, Mahagathbandhan 120, LJP 1 and others 6 seats.

7. TV-9 India: NDA-Grand Alliance in tough competition

NDA is projected to get 91 to 117 seats, Mahagathbandhan 118 to 138, LJP 5 to 8 and others 3 to 6 seats.

Who likes Chief Minister
India Today-Axis My India
Tejashwi Yadav is the choice of 44% of the people for CM. 33% people have described Nitish Kumar as their choice. At the same time, only 7% people have given their consent in the name of Chirag Paswan.

What were the results in 2015?
The BJP had the highest 25% vote share in 2015 elections, but could win only 53 seats. The BJP’s vote share had increased by 8% compared to 2010, but the seats had declined. In 2010, BJP won 91 seats with 16.5% vote share.

Nitish’s JDU, which fought with the Grand Alliance, could win only 71 seats with a vote share of 17.3%. The RJD, which secured 18.8% of the vote, won 81 seats. At present, the NDA has 130 seats in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. 8 more than the majority. JDU has the maximum 69 seats and BJP with 54 seats.


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