Exit poll analysis: Scindia will interfere in Shivraj government, senior BJP MLAs will again become ministers


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  • Shivraj Singh Chouhan Vs Jyotiraditya Scindia: Exit Polls for 2020 Madhya Pradesh Election Results & Analysis

Bhopal2 hours agoAuthor: Rajesh Sharma

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  • BJP: ‘Shiv-Jyoti’ express will not run, Shivraj will remain the face
  • Congress: There will be increasing pressure on Kamal Nath to quit one of the state president and leader’s opposition

With the possible results of 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh, it is clear that the Shivraj government will remain. Jyotiraditya Scindia’s influence will be less as the BJP seats in the Chambal-Gwalior region are lower than expected. It was expected that the ‘Shiva-Jyoti’ express would run in the state, but it would not happen. Shivraj will be the face of BJP only. There will be a way for the senior BJP MLAs to come to the Shivraj cabinet, who could not get a ministerial post despite gaining power. Many such BJP members were deprived of their ministerial berths due to the ministership given to Congress MLAs.

The BJP’s target was to get more than 20 seats. Exit polls do not seem to have so many seats, so whatever decisions will be taken at the organization level, the results of the by-elections will be affected in a big way. Preparations will start by making fresh equations for the 2023 general election as well. Therefore, signs of major changes in the party have also started. Recently, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said in Bhopal – Now my visits will be decided through the organization so that the party can be strengthened.

The Congress, on the other hand, does not appear to be in power. In such a situation, the pressure to show ‘morality’ on Kamal Nath will increase. If they keep the chair of the state president, there will be pressure to leave the post of leader of the opposition. Exit polls clearly indicate that the Congress and BJP will have to find new faces in Gwalior-Chambal division.


The BJP needs only 8 seats to form the government on its own, but the future of 12 ministers (after Silavat-Govind Singh’s resignation) is at stake and winning more seats will decide what Scindia’s stature in the party Will happen?

Congress less in Chambal, more damage in Malwa-Gwalior region

Exit poll signs suggest that the Congress is suffering more in the Malwa-Gwalior region. Chambal also has disadvantages but less. The only seat of Mahakaushal is also seen coming out of the Congress account.

Scindia had to face back during the campaign

When the by-election campaign started, the BJP’s slogan was the Shiv-Jyoti Express, but as the hype swelled, the BJP changed strategy based on feedback. Scindia was kept away from publicity chariots and posters. After this, the slogan ‘BJP is there is faith’, but the final is Shivraj, then there is faith.

Number of seats will decide the face of general election

The importance of the number of seats for both the parties will not be limited to the state government alone. The preparation and face of the general elections to be held in 2023 will be decided keeping in mind the results of the by-elections. There is also going to be a change at the organization level. Anyway, due to the election it has been postponed till now.

The results will directly affect the body elections

Elections to urban bodies and panchayats are scheduled in December-January in Madhya Pradesh. The result of the by-election will have an impact on both these elections. Actually, there are differences between the two parties regarding the direct and indirect system of body elections. The BJP wants the people of that city to elect the mayor. The Congress believes that a mayor is elected democratically, that is, a councilor.


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