Dont Buy 6 Things On Dhanteras Otherwise You Will Be Very Poor


Dhanteras 2020 Shopping: Every year, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik. According to Hindu religious texts, gold and silver items are purchased on this day, people buy new items. But do not buy these five items at the time of purchase, otherwise the happiness, prosperity, wealth and wealth will all end from home and there will be poverty and poverty in the house. These items are as follows.

Steel And Aluminum: In today’s time, while buying items on Dhanteras, it should be kept in mind that whether they are buying steel and aluminum items. Because buying steel and aluminum utensils or any other item makes the house Lakshmi angry, and the house is inhabited by impoverishment. Rahu also has an effect on aluminum. For this reason, it is considered unlucky and an indicator of bad luck.


iron: In astrology, iron is considered as a factor of Saturn, so bringing iron items into the house on this auspicious day is not considered auspicious. It is believed that buying things made of this metal on the day of Dhanteras brings bad luck.

Plastic Buying plastic items on the day of Dhanteras is also considered inauspicious because they decrease durability and durability.

GlassHindu scriptures believe that on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, do not buy things made of glass or glass at all, because glass also belongs to Rahu, which brings poverty to the house.

sugarBuying items made of sugar on this day is also considered inauspicious. Because sugar items are not safe and stable for a long time, they reduce the barkat at home.


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