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  • 58% children are keenly interested in elections, 23% children are slightly interested

Milinda Weiner Moyer. India is a country of elections. Elections ranging from local body to assembly in the form of election, bye-election or re-election are always happening somewhere. Currently, the assembly elections in Bihar are in their final stages. The results of the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh are about to come. Presidential election results are coming in America.

In such a situation, if you lose, many parents are under stress. Amidst all this, how do parents talk to their children about elections and results? Keep things in mind so that the child is not affected by your stress.

According to experts, during the election there is a kind of tension among the common people, but parents with children should not hesitate to talk about the elections. This will also reduce one’s own stress and the children will also get a view. Their understanding of politics and electoral processes and its importance will increase.

How to share your political views with children?

  • Professor Nancy L. Deutech at Virginia University says that there is no harm in talking with your children about the election, its aspects and processes. If you are also telling the child who is your favorite candidate? Please tell me why you like him. You can also discuss the thinking, ideology, policy of that candidate or party. Just keep in mind that avoid using heavy words.
  • If children ask you why you do not like other candidates, then you can explain them by giving examples. You can also tell the children how that candidate or that party has worked on all social and economic issues and why you are not satisfied with that. You can also tell that honesty, morality and respect are very important for you, on which that candidate or party has not stood up. So you are not going to vote for him.
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Children have a keen interest in politics

  • If you do not talk to children about politics thinking that they are not interested in it, then you are wrong. What has been revealed in some surveys is quite the opposite.
  • In 2019, Monographs Journal conducted a survey on 187 children. It found that 58% of the children are deeply interested in politics and elections, while 23% are slightly interested.
  • 68% of the children surveyed said that their parents either do not talk to them about elections and politics or talk very little. Only 18% of the children reported that their parents talk to them a lot about politics.

Need to support children, not lectures

  • Psychologist Christia Brown at the University of Kentucky says parents should help children understand many difficult matters. They have interest but lack of information. Parents can fill this gap.
  • Some wrong information or misinformation can also be found in the hands of children in search of information. Therefore, as parents, you should talk to them and correct their information. When you are doing this, you are not only increasing the information of your children, but are also giving them a critical view.
  • For this you do not need to give formal lecture on politics to the child every day. You make them believe that they gather information about everything, if they have any question then you are always available for that.

Tell kids about good news sources

  • Nowadays propaganda means fake news, so keep monitoring the children from where they are gathering their information. Please recommend them to a reliable news source. Tell them which news source would be right to follow to know different things. Give information about good websites, news papers and news channels.
  • Nowadays web series and movies related to politics and elections are also available. You can adjust some of them. This will increase their political understanding.


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