Delhi: Health Minister Satyendra Jain claims – more than thousand ICU beds will be available in two days


new Delhi: Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has claimed that more than 1000 ICU beds will be available in Delhi within a day or two. In this case, the effort to control the growing cases of corona will get more strength.

Satyendra Jain said, “We have increased the number of beds to 17,592. Around 7700 beds are still empty, 9500 are full. 400 ICU beds have been increased in the last 3-4 days, there is a possibility of further ICU beds. ”

On the Delhi government’s app, beds do not get available even if the beds in hospitals are empty. On this question, Satyendra Jain said, “I CU beds are full in Gangaram, find out in AIIMS. There is a problem inside the private ICU. We have ordered to increase 250 ICU beds in Pvt. 650 are being increased in Delhi government hospitals and 750 by the center. If the beds increase in the next 2-4 days then the availability will increase automatically.


On the order to remove the hawkers and unauthorized stalls in some markets, Jain said, “Some people do not keep all the stuff inside the shop and keep it outside the shop, it causes congestion on the sidewalk. They have been told to keep the goods inside the shop.

More than 100 deaths in Delhi for the second consecutive day
With the increasing cases of corona in the national capital Delhi, the death toll from corona is also a cause for concern. According to the data released by the Health Department of the Delhi Government, there have been more than 100 deaths from Corona for the second consecutive day.

In the last 24 hours, 111 people have died from Corona. With this, the total death toll from Corona in Delhi has reached 8,270. On November 20, 118 people died from Corona. At the same time, on November 18, the highest 131 deaths were recorded from Corona.


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