Dandruff Problem with These Paste


Health Tips: among the people Dandruff There is a common problem, but its treatment is enough to empty your pocket. The people Dandruff From relief To get your head an experimentInKnowing how many remedies would have been done without creating an item Huh. without these Understand what reasons From Problem of dandruff From Struggling and without these Know what will be better to use according to their scalp tendencies.

Main symptoms of dandruff In

Hair loss and itching. This problem head In Dead cells present From Arises. According to experts, this problem is allFrom Who lives his head correctly From Do not clean Also, oil shortages, stress, hormone problems, catering In Nutritional deficiency and water change From This problem may also occur. this problem From You do not need to use expensive products to get rid of them, just as mentioned by us these 5 Homemade Paste Only enough Huh.

1. Mole and camphor Paste
The use of camphor is generally used as a material for worship In is done. But it has another use, if you In Mole once In Mix a little camphor and apply it on the head, it will not only cool your head but you will get dandruff and that.From Itching From Will also liberate.

2. Green Tea From Made up Paste
Green tea is very effective for staying fit, but today we will tell you another use of it. Actually, if the week after shampooing the hair properly In 2 From Massaging the tea bag on the head 3 times gives a lot of benefit to the hair and Dandruff She also goes away.

3. Onion juice
Eat In To use onions From The taste doubles. At the same time if the onion is grinded and its juice is applied on the head and massaged, thenFrom Dandruff In Also get benefit. To use it pour a bowl of onion juice In Remove and help your fingers From Rub at the roots of hair and then after drying, shampoo well. these Measure your head From Russian will disappear.

4. Beetroot Paste
Beetroot is usually a form of salad In Is eaten But its Paste Also very effective for hair. IFrom To put From Serious problems like dandruff can also be overcome. Hair In Beet grind less From Let it sit for 20 minutes. when these Paste Hair In Dries hair properly From Take it Please tell that Paste Not only gives strength to hair but also maintains their shine. If you want a better result Huh So you Paste In Can also use henna Huh.

5. Of neem and curd Paste
Neem dinner From The blood is clean and neem leaves Paste Curd In Mixing head From Hair fall is less and hair does not turn white quickly. Also, the hair growth is also good and the dandruff disappears.

Chanakya Niti: According to Chanakya policy, a person should stay away from these three things, do not get success


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