Coronavirus: Yogi government order, 2,314 prisoners released on special parole returned in three days


Lucknow. Corona outbreak in UP is spreading fast once again. In such a situation, the Yogi government of the state has taken a big decision. The government has ordered the convicted prisoners to return to the jails within 3 days. In fact, 2,314 prisoners were released on special parole due to Corona infection. Now the government has asked these prisoners to return within three days.

2858 new patients found in 24 hours in UP
During the last 24 hours, 2858 new patients of Corona have been found in the state. Apart from this, 20 patients have died. The worrying point is that in the last 24 hours, there were more positive patients than those who were discharged. While 2858 new patients were found in UP, only 2220 patients were discharged from the hospital.


Number of active cases beyond 23 thousand
So far, a total of 5,21,988 coronas have become positive in the state. Apart from this, the number of active cases has reached 23,357. Apart from this, 7,500 patients have lost their lives so far from Corona.

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