Corona pattern changed: after one member of the house is infected, now the whole family is in grip, 5 such families were found in Ahmedabad


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  • Corona’s Pattern Changed After One Is Positive, Now The Whole Family Is In The Grip Of The Virus, 5 Such Families Were Found In Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad2 minutes ago

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The photo is from Ahmedabad. In view of the increasing cases of corona there, curfew has been imposed till 6 am on 23 November.

Gujarat is in the grip of the second wave of Corona, in which the condition of Corona explosion is in Ahmedabad. The most worrying thing in this is that the corona pattern has changed and become more dangerous. After one member in the house is positive, the whole family is in the grip of the virus. In the last three days, 5 such families have been reported from Gurukul area of ​​Ahmedabad, where all the members turned positive.

24 members of five families report positive
These cases are from Paldi area of ​​Ahmedabad. Here in the last 3 days, 5 such families have been found, in which only one member’s report came positive. After this, other people in the family were examined and all came out positive. The report of 24 members of these five families has come positive.


Home isolation problem
The biggest problem would be home isolation due to the changing pattern of the corona. Because, after the positive arrival of a single member, the home was isolated when there was a place in the house, so that other members of the family could take care of it and the patient could also remain somewhat relaxed. However, now home isolation will not be possible due to the whole family being positive.

There were one or two such cases in June-July.
In India, during Corona Peak, only one or two cases of positives of any family were reported. However, in the Danilimada area of ​​the middle zone, 30 positives came to the same society in a single day, mostly members of families. During this period, 3 members of the same family died one after the other. Later such cases were rarely reported. But now the concern has increased due to the positive presence of five families in the same society.


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