Corona in the world: 2 thousand 15 deaths in US in one day after May, Trump’s elder son also infected


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Washington41 minutes ago

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President Donald Trump’s son Trump Jr. has also been found to be Corona positive. According to the White House, Trump Jr. was found positive last week. They did not show any symptoms.

  • More than 5.78 crore infected, 13.76 lakh deaths occurred in the world, 4.03 crore people were cured
  • In America, the number of infected is more than 1.22 million, so far 2.60 lakh people have lost their lives

So far, more than 58.8 million people worldwide have been infected. Out of these, 4.03 crore people have been cured, while 13.76 lakh people have lost their lives. Now there are 1.64 crore patients who are undergoing treatment, ie active cases. These figures are according to How the situation in America is deteriorating can be gauged from the fact that 2 thousand 15 people died here in 24 hours. Not even good news for President Donald Trump. His elder son has also become positive.

Things will get worse
In the US, the number of infected people is increasing very rapidly. Even more disturbing is that a sharp increase in the number of people dying from infection is also being recorded. During 24 hours, 2 thousand 15 patients died here. This is the largest number of deaths in one day since May. This information is given in data released by John Hopkins University. Meanwhile, some American experts have expressed apprehension that even if strict measures are postponed in the name of independence, there will be no room in hospitals.


During the 24 hours, the number of infected in the US increased by one lakh 87 thousand. Now the total number of infected has exceeded one crore 22 lakhs. 2 lakh 60 thousand infected have died. The first case was reported in the US in January. This figure is growing at an average of 1.5 lakhs every day in two weeks.

Two health staffers see the patient after taking a blood sample in a New York hospital.  Lockdown is discussed in this state.  However, the Trump Administration is opposing it.

Two health staffers see the patient after taking a blood sample in a New York hospital. Lockdown is discussed in this state. However, the Trump Administration is opposing it.

Trump’s son also infected
After losing the presidential election but insisting on not giving up the chair, Donald Trump and wife Melania are also found positive after son Trump Jr. The Guardian reported this. Spokesman of Trump has confirmed this. He said- The President’s son had the test done earlier this week. His report also came positive. It is a matter of concern for us. However, he has not shown any symptoms at the moment.

Last month, the youngest son was found positive along with the President and his wife. Then the last round of the election campaign was going on. Trump had rallies in three days.

CDC Appeal
In the US, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has appealed to the citizens of the country to refrain from traveling on Thanksgiving Day. CDC director Dr. Henry Wake said – The more we travel, the faster the danger of the epidemic will spread and it is dangerous for everyone. However, if you want to travel then follow every guideline that we have issued. We know that everyone wants to enjoy holidays, but some dangers cannot be ignored under any circumstances. It is believed that the CDC may release some new guidelines late tonight.


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