Chinese propaganda: China mobilizes propaganda to improve Wuhan’s image, publicity from TV series to opera shows


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  • China Mobilized In Propaganda To Improve Wuhan’s Image, Publicity From TV Series To Opera Shows

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  • Many hospitals in Wuhan are calling foreign executives and showing facilities
  • The work of the Communist Party is being highly praised

The coronavirus epidemic began in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It is suspected that the virus spread from the meat market there. Some experts have also alleged that the virus was produced in Wuhan’s lab. Wuhan’s image was weakened worldwide by all these reports. At the same time, the credibility of the Communist Party of China was also discounted.

China is now beginning to change the negative image of Wuhan. For this, the government there is taking help of TV, newspaper and internet. Also, through many business events, efforts are being made to tell Wuhan better. The Chinese government has made a 20-episode TV series. It shows how the people of Wuhan faced the epidemic. How the doctors and government machinery there defeated the Korono. To make the TV series reliable, it has used many big stars of China. Apart from this, most media houses under government control have also aired programs of praise of Wuhan in the past.


Experts believe that there is no doubt that the people of Wuhan showed amazing struggle. But, it is equally great that the Chinese government made many mistakes. It also includes inhumane rule-of-law during late disclosure of illness and lockdown. People should not raise questions about those mistakes, so the government there is trying to brain wash people.

China claims Wuhan is ready to welcome tourists again

The Chinese Department of Culture and Tourism has sponsored an opera show praising doctors. Also, many such reports have been pushed in which it is reported that Wuhan is ready to welcome tourists. Some hospitals in the city have started inviting foreign executives to state their facilities.

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