Changing UAE: Now I will be able to live with unmarried, ‘Honor Killing’ will be a legal offense; Lack of alcohol ban


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  • Now We Will Be Able To Live Together Unmarried, ‘Honor Killing’ Will Be A Legal Offense; Lack Of Alcohol Ban

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  • Major change in Muslim personal law in the matter of personal freedom of man
  • Western culture preferred to attract foreign tourists despite Islamic law

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday announced major changes to improve the country’s Muslim personal law. Now unmarried couples in the country will have the freedom to live together. It was a long time crime in the UAE. The ban on alcohol has been relaxed, it is considered hara in Muslim countries. With this, ‘honor killing’ has now been made a legal offense.

The UAE has expanded the scope of personal freedom with this change in the Muslim Personal Law. Despite Islamic law, the UAE has given Western culture a place to attract tourists, foreign businesses and industries. This is a step towards a new UAE. The official news agency of the UAE has given information about the new royal decrees. It said that the aim of these reforms is to promote the economic and social prestige of the country and to give the message to the world that it is strengthening the principles of tolerance.


This step has been taken in the direction of a historic deal with the US to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel. This is expected to bring tourists and investment from Israel. According to the report, the announcement was made at a time when Dubai is getting ready to host the World Expo. This world expo is expected to bring 2.5 million visitors from all over the world including businessmen, entrepreneurs.

The expa was scheduled to take place in October, but due to the Carena epidemic, it will be imported next year. The newspaper ‘The National’ said that these changes would take effect immediately, which also reflected efforts to keep pace with the rapidly changing society in the royal palace of the Sultan of the Emirates.

Filmmaker said – some people are not happy with the new law

Shah of the United Arab Emirates may be talking about reforming the Islamic law in the direction of liberalism and reform. But not all UAE people are very happy with this. UAE filmmaker Abdullah Al Kabi said- ‘I cannot be happy with these new laws, which are progressive and active’. Kabi, who has made films on taboo subjects like gay love and gender identity, said – “2020 has been a difficult and transformative year for the UAE”.


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