Career Guidance: e-sports is an exciting career option for young and different thinking youth, to create more than 40,000 jobs in this field by 2022


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  • E sports is an Exciting Career Option for Young and Different Thinking Youth, there will be more than 40,000 jobs in this field by 2022

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  • India has a 2 billion dollar gaming market with 400 online gaming startups
  • Global Gaming Market is 100 Billion Dollars

Gaming was the fastest growing segment in the media and entertainment industry during the lockdown. During this period, it saw 45 percent growth in revenue. Many gaming platforms in the country have recorded a 3-fold increase in user base and 30% increase in mobile traffic. Talking about the growth of the gaming industry in the country, it has increased from 0.3 billion dollars in 2014 to 2 million dollars in 2019. According to Redsier, it is expected to cross $ 9 billion in 2024.

Gaming on the initial stage in the country

According to experts, e-sports, which is an important area of ​​gaming, is still in its initial stage in the country. It is expected to grow rapidly in the near future, as the population here is more than 50% less than 25 years, which is the company’s main target group. It is clear from the data that e-sports is an emerging sector, which has many opportunities within itself. Know which occasion it is and what preparation will have to be done for it.

Join this gaming course

There are many courses available for e-sports in universities all over the world. There are also gaming courses on Eudemi and Corsera, which offer specialization in e-sports. It also teaches the skills and game theory related to the field, handling business aspects of the industry such as managing team events, game design, e-sports marketing, social media marketing, coaching, event promotion, communication accounting, live streaming.


Be on the lookout for opportunities Always be on the lookout for fresh opportunities. Join the company to meet or gain experience from tournament providers and broadcasters. Internships also help in hiring by making your resume stronger.

Choose the one you are good at Choose the game according to your skills experience and interest. It can be difficult for new gamers to make a place in already installed games, so they should choose the upcoming games for themselves.

This job opportunity is available

  • Pro gamer It is the most preferred option in this industry. They are experts in their games and play for team leagues and e-sports company. They have to travel to different countries to participate in the tournament. Also, work with your coach, team and managers.
  • E-sports journalist It could be an exciting career for him, who is interested in writing news, articles, features and opinions related to the 4 Players Tournament and the e-sports industry.
  • Product Manager- They create professional business and social media strategy. PR Marketing Campaigns. Special products and services are developed. Analyzes markets and manages national- international e-sports events. Together with other departments and sponsors create new apps and accessories for their company.
  • Game / QA Testers The Quality Assurance Tester ensures that the games run without any technical interruption in the early stages of the game launch and also detect bugs for it. In this work, he uses his analytical skills and technical knowledge.
  • E-Sports Referee / Admin- Like the referee of other games, the e-sports referee ensures the cradle of the rules in the game and resolves differences. For this, it is necessary to have complete knowledge of rules with strong interpersonal skills and an understanding to correct disputes by taking the right decision.


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