Bhaskar Explanner: Why Team India reached number two in the test championship, what will have to be done to reach the final?


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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has changed the point system of the World Test Championship. Now the ranking of the teams will not be based on their points, but on the percentage of points. With the new system, India has moved from first to second in the ranking. ICC Chief Executive Manu Sahni said that both the Cricket Committee and the Chief Executive Committee have supported this new system. This will not harm the teams that do not play Tests due to Corona.

What has changed after the new system? How was the system working before? What impact will the new system have on the team? Let’s know …

What has changed in the Test Championship?
The Cricket Committee of the ICC, led by Anil Kumble, has decided to calculate the ranking of teams in the Test Championship on a percentage basis. In this new system, percentage will be drawn based on the series played by the teams and their points in that series.

This points to the teams How much did the r anking change in the table?


Prior to the new system, India was at the top of the point table with 360 points. At the same time, Australia was second with 292 points. After coming to the new system, India came at number two, Australia at number one. The reason for this is that India play one series more than Australia. However, it has not affected the ranking of the rest of the teams.

How does the new system work?
A team can get a maximum of 720 points if they play all six series. If the team has a total of 480 points in six series, then its percentage point will be 66.67%. At the same time, if a team plays only five series then the maximum points will be 600. If the team playing five series has 450 points, then its percentage points will be 75%. In such a situation, the team playing five series will be above the team scoring 480 points after playing six series.

So what was the earlier system and how did it work?

  • In 2019, the ICC announced the Test Championship. It was then said that for the next two years, the Test Championship would be among the top nine teams of the Test rankings. During this time, each team will play a series against a total of six teams. Three series in our country Three series outside the country.
  • All these series are to end before the final of the Test Championship in June 2021.
  • Whether there are two matches in a series, whether five, there are a total of 120 points for the series. This way there will be a maximum of 720 points for six series. That is, if there is a two-match series, the team gets 60 points if they win one match. At the same time, if there is a series of five matches, then winning a match gets 24 points. Both teams get equal points when the match is drawn.
  • The Test match played between England and Australia on 1 August 2019 was the first match of this championship.
  • Now in the series to be played in the future also, points are to be got in the same way. Like – India is going to play a four match series against Australia. Team India will get 30 points on winning one match of this series. 15 if the match is a tie and 10 points if a draw occurs.

When points If we get the same as before, why was the new system brought?

  • After March 2020 series of many teams were canceled due to Corona. The ICC wants to finalize the Test Championship in June 2021 itself. In such a situation, the series that were canceled cannot be done so soon.
  • In the new situation, some teams will be able to play five series of Test Championship by March 2021 and some six. At the same time, a series of Pakistan-Bangladesh halted. Bangladesh will only play two and a half series by March 2021.
  • In such a situation, all teams could not get equal opportunities in the Direct Points system. This led the ICC to introduce percentage points system to eliminate non-parity.

How much will the new system affect the chances of teams reaching the final?

  • The new system is very unlikely to have much impact on the point table. In the kind of situation right now, only New Zealand and England are the teams that are in a position to lower India and Australia from the top-2.
  • New Zealand are yet to play at home from the West Indies and Pakistan. At the same time, England have to play a five-match series against India in February.
  • If New Zealand wins both their series. If England defeats India and Australia loses to South Africa then this Test Championship will be very exciting. Because, the two teams that top the points table will face each other in the finals in June.

What will India have to do to play the final now?
First he has to play against Australia. After the return of Steve Smith and David Warner, this series for India is not going to be as easy as the previous series of 2018-19. From the top, captain Virat Kohli can also withdraw from the last three matches of the series. In such a situation, his difficulties will increase. After this, he has to play a series of 5 Tests from England at home in February. Here his chances of winning are high.

In such a situation, there are some possible mathematics for Team India.
first position

  • If India loses all the matches of the series against Australia and wins all the matches against England, then its total will be 480 points and 66.67% point percentage.
  • At the same time, if New Zealand wins all the matches of both series in their home country, then it will get 420 points and 70% points percentage. In such a situation, Team India may be out of the race for the final.

Second position

  • If India win all their matches against England and lose the series 3–1 against Australia, it will have 510 points and 70.83% point percentage. In such a situation, New Zealand will be behind India by winning all the matches of both the home series.

Third position

  • If India win all their matches against England and lose the series 2–0 against Australia, then it will remain 500 points and 69.44% point percentage. In this situation, if New Zealand wins all its matches, it can be difficult for India.
  • However, if New Zealand loses one match in both the series then it can be easy for India. Because both series of New Zealand are two matches each. A single defeat would give him a loss of 60 points.


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