Bhaskar exit poll: Bihar likely to get Nitish government again, NDA may get 120 to 127 seats


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  • BJP will remain the largest party in the NDA; RJD is behind JDU this time, Chirag’s claims are also in the air

Dainik Bhaskar did an exit poll for what would be the likely outcome of the Bihar assembly election. Accordingly, the NDA government seems to be forming and the BJP is emerging as the largest party. The BJP may get 63 seats, while the JDU seems to be ahead of the RJD’s 52 seats with at least 58 seats.

Due to the performance of the Congress, RJD’s Tejashwi Yadav is looking away from the Chief Minister’s chair. Chirag Paswan, who is claiming to form the government with the BJP, may shock the election results, as his party seems to be stuck around 10 seats. In our analysis, long days are seen for left parties.

Grand Alliance backward in second and third phase

Till two months ago, the NDA, under the leadership of JDU, was expected to get ahead of the Grand Alliance with a victory, but things changed in the first phase. Seeing a low vote percentage in the first phase, the hopes of forming an NDA government were falling apart, but the second and last phase did not provide good signs for the grand alliance.


The Congress alone is looking to get at least 19 seats, while the RJD is getting at least 52 seats. The BJP is seen winning 63 and JDU 58 seats. The LJP’s 12 to 23 seats seem to be confirmed, while we and the VIP seats two each. Left parties are seen winning 9 seats. This is almost according to the fixed seats. Now let’s go there, where the competition is tough.

30 seats contest tough

Despite calculating the victory and defeat among the voters in all 243 seats, we are in the conclusion that in 23 seats there is a tough three-way contest, while in 7 seats there is a tough competition. These 30 seats are mainly in conflict between RJD, JDU and LJP. It is difficult to tell clearly which results will go on these seats. However, what the public opinion is for the entire state is visible in this exit poll.


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