Ashram 2 controversy: Karni Sena threatening to stop webseries ‘Ashram Chapter 2’, producer Surjit Singh reveals


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Two days ago, the notice sent to Prakash Jha by State Organization Minister Surjit Singh of Karni Sena’s Maharashtra branch is in the news. Now Prakash Jha’s statement has also come on this matter that the audience will decide the series. At the same time, Surjit Singh has told through social media that this notice was not sent on his behalf. He is completely fake.

Prakash Jha said this
As soon as the notice of the notice came to light, Ashram’s producer Prakash Jha said in an interview that- “Who am I to judge on their demand? We had over 40 crore views on the first season. I think the audience Will decide whether the series is spreading negativity or positivity. “

Surjeet disclosed to Prakash Jha
Surjeet made it clear in his tweet on Friday night that the notice had not been sent on his behalf. Surjeet and Prakash Jha have spoken in this matter. This notice sent by the High Court Advocate Mehboob Khan’s letterpad has nothing to do with the National Rajput Karni Sena.


It was written in the notice
The notice allegedly sent by Surjeet said that the trailer of ‘Ashram – Chapter 2 The Dark Side’ has hurt Hindu religious sentiments in a big way. Also, a negative image of Hinduism is being kept in front of the generations to come. The characters in the trailer are not targeting any particular person, but are being misinformed about the ancient traditions, customs, Hindu culture, ashram religion, which are confusing people.

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