Arvind Kejriwal said on distribution of corona vaccine, said- VIP category should not be created


New Delhi Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal attended the 18th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit yesterday. During this time he also had a conversation with HT Executive Editor Kunal Pradhan. During this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that while the whole world is eagerly waiting for the corona virus vaccine, VIP category should not be created in India for its delivery.

Chief Minister Kejriwal says that Corona warriors and weak elderly citizens should top the priority list for vaccine administration. With this, he said that there should be no politics of any kind f or the corona vaccine.


Chief Minister Kejriwal made it clear that the strategy of vaccination will be prepared at the national level by the Center. Along with this, he said that there should be no VIP or non-VIP category for the delivery of vaccine. Everyone is equal and everyone’s life is important. We should first vaccinate the Corona warriors so that they can serve the infected people with more confidence and weaker citizens should come forward in priority.

The Chief Minister of Delhi also commented on the uncertainties encountered in this fight against the corono virus. He says efforts to prevent the corona virus have faced unique challenges, as the properties of the virus remain largely unknown.

Speaking on the nationwide lockdown, Chief Minister Kejriwal has said it right. He said the nationwide lockdown was put in place at the right time and gave governments time to prepare health infrastructure to deal with Corona.

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