Antibodies are of great use: Antibodies are being made in many ways in corona patients, know how memory cell will protect against serious disease.


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The study claims- two types of antibodies week and strong in patients recovering from corona. Till now it was not being tested in the antibodies being given, hence the antibody proved to be less effective.

  • Doctors believe that it is necessary to check its ability before giving antibodies

Apoorva Mandavali. It has been 9 months since Corona. Till now thousands of studies have been done about it, but every new study is dismissing the old. That is, nothing can be confirmed. There have been many studies in the US about antibodies.

According to a new study by the LA Institute of Immunology, many people have found adequate amounts of immune cells that can protect against corona. These are memory cells, which will remain in the body for a long time. This research has been published online. Virologist Shane Crotty says that having a memory cell has saved a large number of people from serious illness.

At the same time, the study has also revealed that different antibodies are being made in patients recovering from corona. In some, weak antibodies have been observed. Strong antibodies are effective in fighting corona, while weak antibodies are causing long-covid.

Know what different recent studies on antibodies say-

Immune cells will remain in the body for 17 years

Research from LA Institute has given some relief to the experts. Experts previously believed that immunity persists in the body for a short time after the corona and that the vaccine is the only way to overcome the corona. But this study claimed that the immune cell will remain in the body for 17 years of recovery.

No immunity lax unless medicine

  • Another study conducted a few weeks ago found that people who recovered from Corona. They also have powerful and protective immune cells, capable of fighting the corona. Whether or not they have developed antibodies in them. That is, there is no relaxation in immunity unless there is medicine. The most effective way to avoid corona until the vaccine arrives is to keep our immune system strong.
  • According to a study by University of Toronto immunologist Jennifer Gormman, in some people, immune cells that are formed after recovery are not staying in the body for long. But this is happening to people in whom Corona was more affected.
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In the previous study, the opposite was revealed.

  • A few months ago a report surfaced that immunity may disappear in a few months. Because of this, people can again fall prey to the virus. At the same time, some immunologists have observed that the decrease in antibody levels is natural. Antibodies are part of the immune system that may be less susceptible.

What does antibody work for?

  • Antibodies are needed in the blood. It prevents the virus and its infection from spreading. It is also known as sterilizing immunity. It consists of different cells, which fight all types of viruses.
  • Alessandro Sette, an immunologist at the LA Institute of Immunology, says sterilizing immunity does not work every time. So many times people get infected by the virus again. The same problem is with Corona. It directly hurt the immune system, which is causing problems like long-covid.
  • 70% of Long Kovid patients are suffering from organ damage, all that is necessary to know...

It is not necessary to have strong antibodies in everyone’s body

  • American doctors studied 185 women, aged 19 to 81, who recovered from Corona. Most of these women were those who had mild symptoms and were not admitted to the hospital. The doctors started research by taking blood samples of all of them.
  • The team chose four parts of the immune system. These included antibodies, B-cells and two types of T-cells. Helps in making B-cell antibodies. T-cell eliminates infected cell. Doctor Crotty says that up to 200 points of difference were found in antibodies from different women.
  • The study also found that T-cell is gradually decreasing, while B-cell levels are increasing. T-cell depletion is a symptom of a weak antibody. Therefore, the technique of antibody therapy being adopted all over the world is not doing as much work as was expected. Doctors believe that it is necessary to check its capacity before giving antibodies.

Low number of antibodies not enough to stop the virus

Columbia University doctor Jeffrey Shaman has said in his study that we do not have to worry about the infection spreading again. At present, scientists do not know at what level an immune cell is required to protect against the virus. But studies show that a small number of antibodies cannot protect against T and B cell viruses.


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