America in history: the second president of America was not leaving the White House when he was defeated, the employees stopped accepting orders


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  • Second President of the United States John Adams Refused to Hand Over Office to His Main Rival at the 1800 Election Thomas Jefferson

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John Adams was the second President of the US and the first President to be in the White House. (File photo)

The matter is about the presidential election held in America in the year 1800. John Adams, the second president of the United States of America, was defeated in this election. His opponent Thomas Jefferson won. Despite this John refused to hand over the assignment to Thomas. Then that happened, which he had never imagined.

John did not attend Thomas’ swearing-in ceremony on 20 January. White House staff also refused to attend the ceremony. That is why the mid-day rules of January 20 could not be written. It is on this day that the President of America assigns the winning candidate.

Had to leave White House despite stubbornness
John was adamant. He was neither leaving the White House nor handing over his assignment to Thomas. In such a situation, his employees stopped listening to him. All security removed. The official communication was cut off. The Presidential staff stopped taking orders from him and the President’s office was also removed.

Departments also started ignoring
Despite the defeat, John, who was frozen in the White House, began being ignored by the military, CIA, FBI and White House staff. Seeing himself being insulted, John finally had to accept defeat and officially handed over the assignment to Thomas on 4 March 1801.

What will happen if Trump does not leave the White House?

  • Secret Services can also focus its attention on Trump with Biden.
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  • The CIA may begin briefing both Trump and Biden. (This will also include other intelligence inputs, including the report of Top Secret Intelligence. It is usually briefed to the Commander in Chief.)
  • The counter intelligence teams of the CIA who spy for the CIA may start giving briefings to both.
  • White House staffers can start working according to their new president.
  • On January 20, Mid-Day White House staff exclude the goods of the old president and bring the goods of the new president without any permission.
  • From January, Trump’s salary will cut off the White House rent.
  • Biden’s presidential salary will start from January and the White House rent will be cut from his salary.
  • Melania Trump will cease to be the White House boss by mid-January 20. The staff will replace Dr. Jill Biden as his boss.
  • All presidential presidential communications will be removed from Trump by 20 January midday.
  • Officers of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, Attorney General, Secret Services will continue the dialogue until the old president is on guard.
  • Bist and Airforce One will salute Trump and focus on Biden.
  • The Bist will take Biden’s blood sample without anyone’s permission. This has been going on for 200 years.

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