7 days of shopping: 7 auspicious time from Pushya Nakshatra to Diwali, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga on Diwali after 17 years


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  • Diwali 2020 Shopping; Pushya Nakshatra Shubh Muhurat Dates | Auspicious Days For Purchase New Car, House Property, Gold And More

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  • From 7 to 14 November it will be auspicious to buy property, jewelery, trains to electronic goods
  • According to astrologers, the purchase of November 7 will be more beneficial in lower expenses.
  • The amount of wealth created by Mercury and Venus coming in each other’s zodiac sign

Between November 7 (Pushya Nakshatra) to November 14 (Diwali), 7 such Muhurats are being made, in which it will be auspicious to buy property, jewelery, from vehicles to electronic goods. Every day except November 13 is auspicious for purchases. At the same time, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga is also being made on Diwali after 17 years. This happened earlier in 2003. According to astrologers, shopping done on Deepawali will be more beneficial due to this yoga. Also on November 7, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will remain in their own zodiac along with Pushya Nakshatra. On this day, Mercury and Venus are also creating wealth by being in each other’s zodiac sign. This position of the planets is more beneficial in lower expenses.

What date to buy …

7 November: Shani Pushya Yoga is being formed on this day due to the coincidence of Saturday and Pushya Nakshatra. Also, there will be a stay for the whole day. Every kind of shopping can be done on this day. Since Saturday, it is auspicious to buy property, furniture, machinery and decorative items made of wood.
8 November: With the addition of Kumar Yoga on this day, Sunday is becoming a coincidence of Ashlesha Nakshatra and Ashtami Tithi. In this auspicious time, along with the food items, shopping of medicines and starting a new establishment will be fruitful.
9 November: In conjunction with Monday and Magha Nakshatra, medicines, sweets, pearls, fragrant things, aquariums and accessories related to women can be purchased on this day.
10 November: Shopping of electronic goods on this day will be auspicious in coincidence of Tuesday and Purva Phalphaguni Nakshatra along with Andra Yoga. This day is also auspicious for investing in property or shopping.
November 11: On this day, due to the presence of Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra, Vardhman Yoga, which gives rise, and due to the relation of Moon and Mars, Mahalaxmi Yoga will also be there. Every kind of shopping can be done in this Muhurta. Besides, due to the formation of legalization yoga, there will be a special time for purchasing tools, machinery and vehicles.
12 November: Dhanteras festival will be on this day. For shopping, it is also called Abuja Muhurta. On this day, due to the addition of Pradosh and Hasta Nakshatra, shopping of vehicles, land, buildings, jewelery and clothes etc. will be favorable.
14 November: Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga will begin with the sunrise on Deepavali Mahaparva. Which will last till around 8 pm. This day is becoming a special time for all kinds of shopping with Lakshmi Puja.
(According to Kashi astrologer Ganesh Mishra)


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