5 reasons for Biden’s victory: Openly opposed to the government on Corona, managed to get his message to voters


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Joe Biden, who gave 50 years of life to politics, always dreamed of becoming President of America. In his 77th year, he is getting a chance to climb the stairs of the White House as President. This was not a campaign that was predicted by anyone. His efforts continued between the first epidemic of the century and the unrest in American society. He was in competition with a man who was breaking all traditions.

Finally, in his third attempt, Biden and his team find a way to overcome political hurdles and claim victory. We are telling you 5 reasons why the car seller’s son in Delaware won the presidential election.

Corona, Corona and Corona

Perhaps the biggest reason for Biden’s victory is the lack of control. The corona virus-borne epidemic snatched away over 2,30,000 lives. It also changed the lives of Americans and the politics of 2020. Donald Trump himself began to believe this in the last days of campaigning after initially denying it.

Trump rallied in Wisconsin last week. New cases have increased considerably in recent times. At the rally, Trump said that everything is Kovid, Kovid, Kovid, Kovid with fake news.

The media’s focus on Kovid was a reflection of people’s concern about the epidemic. It also saw its effect in voting. A Pew Research poll last month reported that people’s trust in Biden’s plan to deal with Corona gave him a 17% point lead over Trump.

Told Biden that the Trump administration’s way of dealing with the epidemic was not right. This led to a lot of deaths in the country. 92 lakh people were infected.

The epidemic and its subsequent damage to the economy have weakened the Trump campaign’s most distinctive message and prosperity. It also highlighted the concerns many Americans had about their president.

A publicized campaign

Despite many difficulties during his political career, Biden has carved out a better place for himself. In 1987, a lie derailed his first presidential campaign. In 2007, he was out of the race. During his 40 years of political ambition and three attempts for the White House, he was not able to put himself very firmly in front.

This time he had a President who was not a reliable source of information himself. During this time many incidents in the country caught the attention of the people. These include the corona virus, the death of black George Floyd from police harassment and derailment of the economy.

To Biden’s campaign, little credit should be given to the fact that he limited his candidate’s performance under solid strategy. He ran his campaign at a steady pace. Reduced chances of damage from fatigue and carelessness. He focused on keeping the entire campaign balanced. Trump, on the other hand, continued to make comments. They had to pay for it.

Anyone but trump

A week before the voting day, the Biden campaign launched commercials on TV. It also featured Biden’s speech given during the nomination in August. In this, he said that this election is a battle of the soul of America. This is an opportunity that the country rejects the chaos that has been going on for the last four years and attempts to divide people.


There was a very common thing behind this slogan. Biden bets his political fortune on the condition that Trump was too polarizing and inflammatory. At the same time, the Americans wanted a calm and stable leadership. An example of this is Thierry Adams, a native of France. He says I’m just tired of Trump’s attitude. He cast his first vote in the presidential election in Miami after living in Florida for 18 years.

Democrats managed to make this election a referendum against Trump rather than a contest between two candidates. Biden’s winning message was simply that he was not Trump. A common belief among Democrats was that Biden’s victory meant that Americans could now stay for several weeks without thinking about politics. It was meant as a joke, but there was also truth in it.

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Always be at the center

During the campaign to become a Democratic candidate, Biden faced Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Both were running very organized campaigns. His events were crowded like a rock-concert.

Despite his liberal background, Biden stuck to some issues. These included healthcare programs run by the government, free college education and denial of wealth tax.

Choosing Kamala Harris for the post of Vice President was part of Biden’s strategy, while he could choose a strong candidate from the party’s left wing. Biden appeared close to Sanders and Warren on one issue. It was an issue of environment and climate change. Perhaps this was due to the risk of young voters in the swing state relying on the energy sector to go away.

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More money, less problems

The treasure of the Biden campaign was empty at the beginning of the year. It was under these circumstances that he entered the campaign to compete with Trump. However they were at a disadvantage compared to Trump, who spent nearly a billion dollars on his campaigning. After April, Biden campaign changed itself completely

gave. In terms of raising funds, he gained a lot of strength from his Rival. At the beginning of October, the Biden campaign had 1065 crore more than Trump. This enabled him to overtake Republicans in terms of advertising in almost every major province in the hard-fought.

However, money was not everything in this work. Even 4 years ago, the Hillary Clinton campaign had more money than Trump. In 2020 when Americans were in homes across the country due to the corona virus. Was giving more time to media and TV. Then Biden spent his money to convey his message till the end. He spent a lot of money in large states like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Iowa.

It also benefited from Republican-strengthened Arizona and colliding Georgia. The money helps improve campaigning and create alternatives, and Biden took advantage of this by using it properly.


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