2 stories of being corona for the second time: corona the second time is more dangerous, high fever, weakness also more


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  • After two months of being corona for the first time, then Special DG RK Vij of Raipur, who was in the grip of corona, said – The second time there was high fever, lost 7 kg
  • At the same time, the hospital was given leave to BJP MP Kaushal Kishore but after three days the corona spread to his lungs, he could not even climb the stairs.

Today the story of Special DGP RK Vij of Raipur and Kaushal Kishore, BJP MP from Mohanlalganj, UP. Vij hit Corona twice and was more infected the second time. At the same time, Kaushal Kishore was discharged from the hospital after the corona was cured, but after three to four days his health deteriorated again and the corona then infected the lungs. Although both are fine now, they have shared their experience talking to us.

There were no systems in the first time, in the second time there was no food for seven days.

DGP Vij (IPS) says that for the first time I had Corona in late July. There were no systems at that time. A boy was kept in the house for the care of parents, his health deteriorated, so I sent him to AIIMS for investigation.

AIIMS refused to investigate, saying no systems were visible. I got another investigation done, where that positive came. After this our whole family got corona examined. Along with me, wife, child, one, two workers also came positive.

DGP Vij said that I took all the precisions when I was corona.  Despite this, the corona was repeated and more aggressive than before.

DGP Vij said that I took all the precisions when I was corona. Despite this, the corona was repeated and more aggressive than before.

We took proper treatment. Stayed in isolation for 14 days. After recovering, I joined the office. Was going to work by putting on the mask and with the entire precision, but again on 2 October, there was high fever. I ate fever medicine that day but did not recover. When the test took place on October 4, the Corona report again came back positive.

Seeing the report, everyone was in tension as to how the corona became. At that time we did not know which level this time. The fever was not subsiding, so there was more panic. Admitted to the hospital on 7 October. Treatment continued there for a week. Steroids were going into the body due to the drug, which was increasing the sugar, so sugar had to be taken to control insulin.


I asked the doctor why I had corona again? Could not give any correct answer to this, but he said that it may be that the first time you had corona, after that enough antibodies could not develop in your body. That is why you are again in the grip of it.

In the first time there were no systems but in the second time there was a high fever. The test was gone by mouth. Took a liquid diet for a week because I was not feeling like eating anything. 6 to 7 kg lost weight. Weakened greatly. The test took place again on 23 October, the report came negative. This time the medicine lasted for a full month. I am still home quarantine. There was no meeting with anyone for the past one month. In the second time Corona bothered more.

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When I got sick for the second time, fever would go on, there was a lot of pain in the body.

MP Kaushal Kishore says, I got fever in August and BP was low. BP did not increase even after the fever became normal. At fifty it was stable. When I called my doctor friend and showed him, he advised me to eat salt and bread. Even after doing this, BP did not increase, so they got me admitted in the hospital.

On admission, BP went down to 20 and I fainted. Then I was referred to Apollo Hospital. Situation came under control there. He also did the corona test, which reported positive, while I did not have any specific systems related to the corona. There was no cold-cough, nor difficulty in breathing. The fever had also subsided.

MP Kaushal's condition was very bad.  It is said that I have recovered to a great extent now.  The Corona report has also come negative.

MP Kaushal’s condition was very bad. It is said that I have recovered to a great extent now. The Corona report has also come negative.

Admitted to hospital for eight days, then discharged. After staying at home for two-three days, fever started coming again. Body pain was a lot. Fever used to rise and descend. I then joined Medanta. It is then revealed that Corona has infected the lungs.

Treatment continued for a week. After getting some rest, the hospital said to take leave. I said I would not go home until the report came back negative. Stayed in the hospital for a week and my report came negative on the 16th day.

When the corona was spread in the body again, it caused a lot of weakness. I could not climb stairs. CM was taking reports of my condition everyday. I was exercising to breathe in and out. It did not take my breath away and did not reduce the oxygen level. The condition is fine now but weakness remains.

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